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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ad Isn’t Running Yet

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Are you confused about your Facebook ad? Your Facebook Ad isn’t running yet?

In this article, you will learn reasons why your Facebook Ad Isn’t Running yet.

  1. Your Approach

Many individuals will battle on Facebook before they even begin – particularly so on the off chance that they’re accustomed to commanding Google AdWords, and attempt to control + C/control + V that same correct approach.

Look: We ...

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Why your Facebook Ad Is Not Approved?

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Do you want to know how to promote your Facebook page if your ad is not approved? This article is going to describe why Facebook Ad Is Not Approved.

There are some reasons why Facebook Ad Is Not Approved

Try not to Include Prohibited Content

Precluded substance is characterised obviously in the Facebook Advertising Policies. My recommendation: Check the strategies routinely. I won’t re-compose the whole rundown of things that are disallowed by Facebook and ...

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