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Do you know what a complete post planner review is? If not so, the content is for you. Now I am going to discuss A complete post planner review.

Post Planner is a system designed to enhance the social media marketing activities and campaigns of any business. Using this software, social media marketers find it easy to manage and share content consistently, and are able to achieve predictable, measurable, and remarkable results with their social media posts, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

A platform created by social media marketers for social media marketers, Post Planner aims to get more engagement and reach on social media in the less amount of time. Every interaction with a user is treated as a data point used in constantly improving the service overall.

At that point in 2012, I discovered Post Planner simplify Social media sharing with Post planner.

It wasn’t totally adored at first site however. Something that pulled in me to Post Planner at first was that I would recover a connection to my blog with each post. For instance, at the highest point of the post on Facebook, you would see “through Basic Blog Tips”. Shockingly, that favor little connection quit working after for a moment and that immediately finished my relationship with Post Planner.

New Features Added to Post Planner

All things considered, I ought to have speculated.

A turn out that PostPlanner wasn’t to be faulted for this all things considered. It was Facebook – at the end of the day they changed the authorizations for outsider applications and that clarifies why the “Essential Blog Tips” marked connections went bye-bye.

Remain top of psyche with Post Planner’s Facebook post scheduler Post to Facebook Groups that you’re recorded as Admin Clergyman content in view of watchwords

Find well known posts in your specialty See which pictures are circulating around the web Soar your engagement Get the ideal quote to post Make your own custom pictures through direct access to Canvas (this is immense) There are more updates wanting Post Planner and inevitably, it will end up being a remain solitary site rather than a Facebook application. I need you to perceive what the interface looks like and in the video, you’ll get an inside view. Watch this (btw don’t miss the refresh I added to the finish of this post).

Create Content Ideas for Every Platform

At the finish of the video (you watched it to the end right?) I shared a little reward tip. It’s a two stage handle I utilize that includes utilizing Buzzsumo in conjunction Post Planner. You’ll hear more about Buzzsumo from me over on my pod cast, yet more or less I utilize it to discover mainstream pictures to stick on Pinterest. Stay tuned, on the grounds that soon I will share the aftereffects of my little Pinterest test. Have you attempted Post planner? They have a free form to kick you off. I cherish this instrument so much I turned into an associate and you can utilize my connection to join.


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