Creative ways to drive more traffic to your blog posts

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Have you blog? Do you not get more traffic in your blog? Don’t worry any more. We have creative ways how you can drive more traffic to your blog posts. If you want to get more traffic to your blog posts, this content is for you.

The following ways will greatly help you to get more traffic to your blog in very short time period. Read the content carefully.

Use dubbler to give a short audio introduction:

To get more traffic to your blog, you have to use dubbler to give a short audio introduction about your blog. It will able to people to know about your blog. You can also share your audio with other dubbler community for getting more traffic in you blog. For better results you have to share your audio introduction with all of your social networks. So, dubbler is very essential to get more traffic in your blog. That’s why you have to use dubbler from today.

Create a six second preview of your post with vine:

It is a superb way to grab attentions of reader to create a six preview of your post with vine. Besides it you can use vine to make short video about your contents. As vine has an active and growing community you can share it with your social accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus and so on.

Create a slide share overview of your post:

Slide share is a platform by which you will share your contents on your social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin and so on. With the help of slide share you will drive many visitors to your blog posts.

Pin your post to a Pinterest board:

You can drive more traffic to your blog via Pinterest. As Pinterest allows to share your into a Pinterest board. You need to choose an engaging image, add keywords and use hashtags. By it many users are able to see your pin and so can their Pinterest followers also. The more people and followers will in that board, the more visitors you will get.

Using Instagram:

It is another effective method to drive more organic traffic in your blog posts. You can share your photo relating your blog on Instagram. From here you will get more audience from your Instagram followers of your blog.

This content will help you drive more traffic to your blog if you follow the aforementioned ways.


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