Effective tips that will help you becoming pro of Instagram

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Instagram, the most popular photo sharing site, has already crossed 200 million users. People can easily share their personal or business photo through Instagram with their relatives, friends and others. Most people use Instagram to be famous their personality or famous their business. In this sense, your usage of Instagram will depend on you t what thing you will focus. Don’t worry if you are new or you have not more Instagram followers on Instagram.

There are tips given below that will help you to get a lead on Instagram.

Save your originals:

The pictures which you are going to be uploaded should be 612*612 in the size as it is an ideal measurement for uploading photo. For uploading high resolution photo on Instagram, you have to do it in your smartphone or tablet as it automatically save your photo in a specific folder of Instagram gallery. But if it is IOS, your photo will add of camera roll folder. In this situation, you need to sure that you activate “save original photo option” in the settings. It should be kept in your mind that Instagram does not allow more than 2048*2048 pixels. That means maximum size for uploading photo on Instagram is 2048*2048 pixels.

Take your time for editing photos:

Few months ago Instagram has added amazing editing tools for editing photo more polish and gorgeous. You will get many options for editing your photo such as if you want to dark some part of your photo then you utilize shadow option. Likewise, you can give perfect shape of all of your photos. So, you can easily edit your photos in your own way and make it attractive and fantastic. Before uploading photo on Instagram, take enough time to edit your photo and make it perfect. If you do not take much time for editing your photo sometimes it will not arrest others attention rather your photos will get less value.

Use dropbox for the favorites:

Making a collection of your favorite photos, you have to use dropbox. This tool will save your all photo of 640*6340 pixels that you favorite in your hard disk. One can easily find your best and special photo on dropbox. It is a useful way to drag Instagrammers towards your profile. With the help of dropbox you will get more instagram followers.

Manage the photo map:

You can add photo map when you will upload your photos. It will help other Instagrammers to find your photos that they have already taken that location or related your photo anyhow. Sp, it can be said that using photo map is very useful to get Instagram followers. Don’t forget to add photo map for your valuable photo

If you follow above mentioned tips strictly, you can become pro of Instagram with huge numbers of Instagram followers. Why do you are making late? Start your mission from today.


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