Should I Have Multiple Facebook Pages for My Business?

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Are you managing the business on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook page where you represent your business? Then it is necessary for you to learn should you have multiple Facebook pages for your business or not.

The intention of the article is to discuss if you have multiple Facebook pages for your business or not.

In the event that you maintain a business that has various physical areas, one of the many difficulties you face is choosing how to introduce your image on Facebook. From retail binds to eateries, private companies to billion-dollar marks, the question emerges eventually: Should we have one single corporate-run mark a Facebook page or an individual page for each area? At the point when (if at any time) is the opportune time to actualize pages for individual stores?

Facebook Locations

Facebook Locations is a page administration include offered by Facebook for organisations with different areas. This makes the structure of a “parent” page (the primary brand personality) and “tyke” pages for every neighbourhood store area. Administrators of the parent can see/deal with all type pages, and administrators of the youngster pages can deal with their page as it were. You likewise have the choice of sharing all substance from the parent page to all youngster pages.

Do you have the requirement for a considerable measure of area particular substance?

If your item offerings or unique advancements fluctuate by area, then spreading out into discrete pages for each store may bode well for your image. Similar remains constant if it’s a diversified business and franchisees have the opportunity to run their own specials, occasions, and so forth. In the event that things are more corporate-run and all areas have basically similar specials and items, you might be fine adhering to only one page.

What number of business sectors/districts would you say you are in?

if you have just a couple of areas, or if the majority of your areas are only a couple of urban communities in a similar state, you may be fine simply keeping one page and one group of onlookers at your present size. Then again, on the off chance that you have stores spread out the nation over, the multi-page approach likely bodes well for you.

Does your business as of now have unclaimed pages for nearby stores?

On the off chance that Facebook clients have ever attempted to “registration” at one of your business’ individual areas, it can make a page for that business that you may not think about. These “Put Pages” may even have audits and client remarks, and in the event that you haven’t asserted the page, you have no chance to get of observing this movement!


In the advertisement supervisor or in the power manager, when you go to make an advertisement you’ll be invited to include focusing on data. One of the least demanding targets you can make is simply focusing on your adherents. This is the thing that occurs of course when you help a post or make news encourage promotion, and it’s what Jon Loomer prescribes to get the most out of your item advertisements.

So, you should not risk creating multiple Facebook page in the same name of the same business.


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