Strategies for effective blogging on Twitter

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Twitter is the popular social media networking sites in the world. Twitter has already engaged a huge number of people as it users. The numbers of Twitter users are still increasing everyday. Besides social communication Twitter has a great role for online marketing. It also gives opportunity to the online bloggers and the readers to engaging new kind of communication with each other. With the help of relevant keywords, you can easily make post or blog with limited characters. There are following strategies for effective logging on Twitter will help you make successful blog.

If you follow these strategies, you will be a successful blogger on Twitter.

Create an informative profile:

At first, you need to create a Twitter account with informative information. Upload a photo it can be your photo or business photo according to your need on what you want to focus. If you want to focus of your business then upload logo of your business in cover photo and mention contact number by which one can easily communicate with you. Give the description of your business in front of your Twitter followers. Specially, you should highlight the positive sides of your company and its service.

First plan then post:

Before making post you need to think about the post that you are going to post. You have to think your information is right or not, is it interesting or not, can it bring Twitter followers or not etc. You need to careful to be responsive to reply of others comment.

Your post or blog engagement will increase if you are very much responsive to yours audience.

Avoid spamming:

Don’t post which is irrelevant and useless. It bothers your Twitter followers and finally they are bound to unfollow for your useless post. It should also keep in your mind that if you repeat you post or not. Don’t do this as your Twitter followers want to read something new. If you involve with spamming, your writing career will be lost as well as reduce your goodwill. To avoid spamming, you should post which are meaningful and useful to your audience. Then they will be automatically interested towards your writing and will be regular reader of your blog.

Make your post precise and clear:

Your post should be concise with full information. Don’t try to make it broad which is unnecessary. People don’t want to read so long post or blog. In this regards, you have to make your precise post attractive and clear so that you can get more Twitter followers who will be regular audience of your post. As a blogger you have to obtain the quality of creating your post concise and clear.


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