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Facebook is now most used social networking site where people can communicate each other easily. According to findings of a new study, most of the people use Facebook only for communication. In early time Facebook was used only for communicating among the particular students. But with the passage of time Facebook usage has got variety. In these days, Facebook is used both for communication and both for managing marketing. Businesses are getting more interested to advertise their business on Facebook for its usefulness. As a greater number of people are on Facebook, there are maximum possibilities to get publicity as well as popularity at the same time. In Facebook popularity measured by Facebook likes. It is natural that people like brand business. An organic business which has set up a fanpage that age will get more Facebook likes. As Facebook likes is a marker of organic and reliable business, Facebook marketers need to get Facebook likes in their fanpage. This blog is going to give you some effective strategies which will help you getting more likes in your fanpage.

They are as follows:

Valuable post:

To get more Facebook likes, you need to post some valuable and attractive such as current issues of political affairs or about entertainment. It will help you getting more Facebook likes in very short time period. Attract to your post most of your friends will regular give likes in your post.

Give and take policy:

To get Facebook likes in your page you have to give of your Facebook friends. This is very effective to get Facebook likes. When they will notice that you have already liked their post, they are also give likes in your Facebook in return. You should not be reserved to give those likes. You have to positives comment on their post. These will pay you many benefits because a single comment is enough to divert one mind into your fanpage. From your Facebook friends you will get potential customers by using give and take policy.  Just apply it and see the result.

Active participation:

You need to be active for managing your business. If you will not post regular in your page, your audience can forget your page. To draw attention of your audience it is necessary to participate as active. Being active you notice how many people are engaged every day. For your active participation, you will easily answer to your customers’ questions. It will build strong relation between you and your audience.


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